Bridge between serial port and JavaScript.

This tool works as a command line application on Windows, Mac and Linux to connect local serial port (UART) and JavaScript on the web pages by using WebSocket.

Usage examples

Change bgcolor of the web page
according to the digital input value
of a microcontroller(IchigoJam).
Change bgcolor of the web page
according to the analog input value
of a microcontroller(IchigoJam).
Control output status
of a microcontroller(IchigoJam)
using widgets on the Web page.

How To Use

I. Unzip and Change current directory

1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
2. Open a terminal (Mac / Linux) or command prompt (Windows).
3. Change current directory to the directory containing ichigo-link (Mac / Linux) or ichigo-link.exe (Windows).

II. Connect device and Find serial port name

Connect the PC and the device supporting serial communication.
The name of the serial port is like "COM3" and "/dev/ttyUSB0" and it depents on your environment.
Please refer to "Find serial port" for finding the name of the serial port.

III. Execute a command

Execute a command line like below.


> ichigo-link COM3

Mac / Linux

$ ./ichigo-link /dev/ttyUSB0

IV. Create your own contents

After execute a command, if you can see the reference page of IchigoLink (http://localhost:30110)
on your web browser, it is correctly running.
The source file of the reference page is in the ichigo-link-www directory (index.html).
You can use this directory to publish and execute your own contents.


IchigoLink: Downloads

Reference materials


For inquiries, please contact below.

Natural Style Co. Ltd.
IchigoLink Team (support@na-s.jp)